A Challenge to the George Washington University on Sustainable Investments



The George Washington University seeks to be a model of urban sustainability, but its record is clouded by financial support for firms which engage the least sustainable practices in our society. Thousands of students have called upon their University to severe their ties with firms that have used their political influence to profit from looming global catastrophe. Fossil Free GW offers the following ideas to reverse this course, and move towards a humane and forward-looking investment strategy.

  1. Disclosure of Investments in the Top 200 Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas Companies
  2. Restoring “Sustainable” Investments to 2014 levels, and expanding investments thereafter
  3. Divestment from Coal Mining Operations
  4. A comprehensive shareholder engagement and proxy voting strategy
  5. Divestment from companies producing Tar Sands Oil
  6. Divestment from companies engaged in Hydraulic Fracturing , or “Fracking”
  7. Investment Disclosure Through a Student-Faculty Ethical Endowment Advisory Board
  8. Divestment from remaining oil and natural gas companies over several years.
  9. A Comprehensive Sustainable Investment Plan promoting social, economic, racial, and environmental justice

The coordinating committee of Fossil Free GW, along with partnering individuals and organizations, will focus on the importance of each recommendation at length in a series of pieces published every week. The pieces will be collected into a final report for the University community that will be presented at the close of the semester.