Our Allies

The Progressive Student Union

The Progressive Student Union is proud to be in solidarity with Fossil Free GW. There are two main reasons for this. One is that environmental degradation hits the working class, people of color, and women the hardest. Workers often are at the blunt end of not only corporate environmental destruction but also are often left out of the picture when it comes to the necessity of moving towards a sustainable economy. Additionally, students should have a say in where our money goes in the university. We believe that not only is this divestment campaign good for the environment, but will build student power at GW in incredible ways. That is why we support and stand with the international divestment campaign.

Feminist Student Union

The Feminist Student Union is dedicated to supporting justice and equal opportunity in all that we do, which is why we are excited to support Fossil Free GW. Fossil fuels are unsustainable for our future, as climate change threatens communities across the world. As feminists, we especially oppose the disproportionate effect that climate change has on women, the poor and other marginalized groups. Climate change is wreaking havoc on agricultural and sustainable economic areas where women are the primary workers, and ripping economic and food security away from women and their families. We will not stand by while corporate decisions made primarily by wealthy western businessmen threaten the lives of men, women and children around the world who have little voice or power to stop this system.  We thus call on the University to divest itself from the fossil fuel industry entirely, so we can truly call ourselves a just and conscientious academic community.
GW Muslim Student Association

The George Washington University Muslim Students’ Association is fully behind any initiative whose goal is to care for our shared home, Earth. Mankind, blessed as the most powerful of God’s creations, is responsible for maintaining this beautiful planet. We believe that this is not only the right thing to do, but a must upon any practicing Muslim, and a must upon any citizen of the world. As such we support the efforts of Fossil Free GW.
“Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky and makes it flow as springs [and rivers] in the earth; then He produces thereby crops of varying colors; then they dry and you see them turned yellow; then He makes them [scattered] debris. Indeed in that is a reminder for those of understanding.” (Qur’an, 39:21)

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